Family-Sized Minimalism – new ebook

This is the book I wish had been written when I was younger. This is the message I wish I had heard – telling me there was a different way to live beyond the pursuit of possessions.  ~Faith Janes, Family-Sized Minimalism, p9.

That sentence communicates exactly how I feel about this new lifestyle I have discovered: Why didn’t someone tell me about this before?

Maybe you are just discovering a simple way to live? Or maybe you been practicing a minimalist lifestyle for awhile now? Maybe you’re watching a loved one give/sell/throw away the majority of their possessions and are worried they’re losing their mind.  Or Are you overwhelmed with toys, craft items, or just one too many pairs of socks?

Wherever you are, whatever stage of life you are in, Family-Sized Minimalism is the book for you.

Faith Janes has such a refreshing way of addressing that which clutters up our life. Her new book guides you through the process – starting with that overstuffed underwear and sock drawer, right down to overcoming obstacles and stumbling blocks you encounter along the way.

What about convincing your significant other or another family member why you are doing this? Yup, it’s right there on page 83.

Oh, you say you have kids and there is just no way to escape the stuff that accompanies them? Check out page 69-77. Everything from their wardrobe to toys to teaching them the minimalist lifestyle.

Maybe you have cleaned everything out of your house, but you are still struggling with your overcommited schedule? Yup, she covers that, too.

And if you are in search of inspiration and encouragement, 12 additional minimalist families chime in with their advice, suggestions, and experiences.

Faith is also offering an upgraded edition that includes 14 bonus worksheets and planning guides. These extras include how to set goals, step-by-step meal planning, as well as questionnaires that guide you through the process of discovering what is most important to you. As she states in the book:

Once you sit down and decide what your priorities are, it makes it so much easier to decide what needs to be taken away.

Faith lays out a specific roadmap in a non-extreme, non-pushy way, telling you that if what you want is freedom to be with your family, to travel, to do whatever it is that is important to you – here’s how you do it. This book really is for everyone and is one that I will be returning to again and again as I walk down this road. I encourage you to go check it out.

Before you leave, be sure to check out more of My Favorite Things. 🙂


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