Birthday Presents

My 2nd child turned 1 this last weekend. This was a big deal.  There was a party. There was cake and ice cream. And as expected, there were presents.

But with Christmas only having just happened, I was worried about the incoming presents. So, this year I tried something different.

I asked for no presents for my little girl.

I know: shocker. But remember, she’s 1. She really didn’t care. I could have given her a box and she would have been happy.

But I knew that there would be grandparents who were a little put-out about not being able to buy Sweetie something for her to open. So, I came up with a couple of items that she could use between now and next Christmas – things she may grow into.  And these were given ONLY to the grandparents.

But I realized, the rest of the party guests would probably want to buy SOMETHING (since that is how our society is programmed), so this was my solution:

Our evite included these words:

We have been so blessed this year and want to bless someone else.  In lieu of gifts, we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys to donate to Children’s Memorial Hospital in <our town>.This is a wish list of toys they are wanting and can be for any age. (hyperlink)

Don’t worry. Sweetie will have a few items to open! If you feel you still want to give her a gift, we would like to ask for gift cards to BabiesRUs or Target or Visa gift cards to help with any future, unforeseen, needs.

At another age, this may not work. (I’ll be trying something similar, though, with my older daughter at her birthday in the fall) But for a 1-year old, she had something from the grandparents to open. And we have no further clutter in our house. And what toys did come in; equal amount will go out.

We ended up with an AWESOME wagon that both girls will be able to use for walks, trips to the zoo or whatever, and a few smaller items. But all things that will be used! And a huge box of toys to donate.  Was a great day!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


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