HUGE Simplify Your Life Sale!

I wanted to let everyone know about this great deal I just happened on:

Over at Simple Marriage (great site on eliminating the excess, so you can concentrate on your marriage – check it out!) they are offering a HUGE bundle of ebooks all about simplifying nearly every area of your life.

Includes 30 books by some of the web’s best bloggers, including minimalist icons like Joshua Becker, Leo Babauta, and Tammy Strobel, and more.  Subjects covered include: Minimalism, Cooking, Green Living, Marriage, Money, Organizing, Parenting, Personal Development, Traveling, and even a couple on the Holidays.  If you had bought each of these at their full retail value, you would have spent over $450!  But Simple Marriage is offering them for the great price of $47 – but only until 2pm EST on March 25th, 2011!

There are some titles here that I’ve been wanting to get, so gander on over and check them out, too.  Awesome value.

Be sure to check out more of my Favorite Things.

Back to your regularly scheduled program…. 🙂



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