Some days I really do hate Everett Bogue

When I first started reading about the lifestyle revolution that is minimalism, I happened upon Everett Bogue (or as he is more “fashionably” known now: Ev Bogue)’s blog Far Beyond the Stars. Don’t bother looking for it, because it is gone now.  His story was inspiring: he flew New York to Portland, OR with only $3000 in the bank and a backpack. Here was my hero, my Yoda, my – oh-please-tell-me-how-to-do-this guy.

And his blog was educational, entertaining, and sometimes just a little crazy. But that made it fun.  He is a very gifted writer and photographer.

Lately, he has evolved into a new Ev Bogue and his style seems to have changed as well. Or maybe I am just realizing it more.  His latest writing is basically telling everyone why their blog sucks and his is awesome.

I do not really care if I ever have 10,000+ readers. I write to write; to get whatever is in my head “out there”. If only 5 people read this blog, I will feel that I have at least entertained and educated those 5 people for the lifespan of this blog.  Do I think it will be published and read forever? Not in the slightest.  I am not delusional.

But right now, I am focusing on taking my life back from the chains that have been tying it down.  And yes, I have the 2 kids, live in the suburbs, and have 2 cars (all of which I hate! OK, maybe not the kids :)). I do not have the freedom at the moment to just do exactly as I please. But I am getting there.  And the act of writing a weekly post helps focus my mind.

The goal is strip away all of the distractions in life to get back to what is important. And for me, that’s family. For you, maybe it’s your dog. Or traveling. Or biking from Alaska to Peru.  Whatever it is, that’s your heart.

I choose to write. I choose to photograph. I choose to love. I choose to live. And while I may not have an A-list blog, I have a sweet blog that will talk about refocusing lives. And I will write it as long as I think even 1 person may be reading it.



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7 responses to “Some days I really do hate Everett Bogue

  1. M. Tomo

    Thanks for writing this… i only know of this guy because the BIke Snob NYC makes fun of him some times…. Honestly i wish i never came to know a guy like this exists… so vain so little substance… he is trying hard to re live his short lived glory days… at this point i think most of the traffic to his site is just to see how stupid and impotent he is getting… i have to disagree with you … i see VERY little talent in his writing, Very little substance… just too much coffee, vanity and desperation… this quate from H. D. Thoreau sums up bog’s attempt a a writing career….. “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” no i do not think boge has lived very much… he just pretends to live from his iphone… tweet tweet..

  2. Andrea

    I hear you, I too loved far beyond the stars. I get Ev has evolved but simply I miss the old one.

  3. Vivian

    Hi Melissa

    I write from Singapore, a country far from yours. But what you wrote resonates with me. Like you, I am striving to live and love while stripping away all the distractions in life to get back to the core, the simple and the important. I am also a young mum with a 14 month old son. I’ve read Everette Bougue’s blog before and he had inspired me but the inspirations and motivations didn’t just come from him, they come from other mums like you who are working towards a minimalist but abundant life too. Thank you for your blog. Keep up the simple spirit. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s mind-blowing for me to think that my simple words will inspire someone else – as I’ve been inspired by others. I am so touched by your words. 🙂

  4. I completely agree. Everett’s blog was the first that led me to a minimalist lifestyle, but the newly evolved “augmented cybernetic yogi” Ev is simply a tool. Here is the most recent example of this pompous has-been’s (he will be soon once people realize he is more of a cult leader than anything) dribble:

    “When you leave a comment on one of my questions in Google+, you’re not just pinging me. You have the potential to be seen by my audience. Also, you’ve just sent a ping to every single person who’s commented so far.

    If I take your comment to be annoying, boring, or just badly presented I will edit it out of existence. Then, you have an opportunity to try again, or go do something else.

    You’re responsible for your comment. I’m also responsible for your comment.

    Let’s comment in a mindful way, when we have something to add.”

    This was the last straw for me… I blocked him on Google+ as soon as I read this. Anyone who cannot take criticism is weak, and a poor role-model.

    I’ve gone from loving this guy, to hating him over the last few months. I think I will be writing a treatise on him very soon. I don’t care how much it hurts my blog; it’s just something I believe in.

    Thank you for standing up and writing this.

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