Project 333: Toddler-Style Revisited

A few months ago I embarked on paring my kids’ wardrobes down to the minimum. And while I did get that done, I did not take a full inventory, nor take any pictures – so I apologize!

Now, here it is 2 months later and while I still have not taken any pictures, I can give you an idea of what I have put together for them. Again, Honey is 2 1/2 and Sweetie is 1. The list is the same for both of them, with just a few notations.

I followed the guidelines from Project 333 just to get me started, and I actually still have a few slots to fill for each of them – so I am hoping I am not missing anything!

Things I did not count: Diapers, Pajamas, or Bibs. These loosely corresponded with an adult’s exceptions of Underwear, Pajamas and Loungewear.   We use cloth diapers and have a stash of approximately 30-50 that both of them use (Honey is transitioning to potty-training, but we still aren’t there yet. Once she is, I will box up some of these for storage). Pajamas we own about 7 sets total, between the 2 girls – both warm & cold weather.  And Bibs are shared also – with about 12-15. Will be going through those next to get rid of what we really don’t need.

For each of them, I have:

  1. Winter Coat
  2. Winter Hat & Gloves
  3. Spring Jacket
  4. Swimsuit
  5. Sun Hat
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Shoes – casual
  8. Sandals (*need to buy for both girls*)
  9. Jeans/Bibs (Sweetie has a pair of denim bibs that I love!)
  10. Jeans/Bibs
  11. Skirt
  12. Skirt
  13. Socks (7 pairs each)
  14. Dress – Nice (just purchased by great-grandma for Easter. Otherwise, this wasn’t a priority for me!)
  15. Dress –  Casual
  16. Sundress
  17. Long-sleeved onesie (Sweetie)/Long-sleeved Shirt
  18. Long-sleeved shirt
  19. Long-sleeved shirt
  20. T-shirt/short-sleeved onesie (Sweetie)
  21. T-shirt
  22. T-shirt
  23. Sweater
  24. Shorts
  25. Shorts
  26. Tank top
  27. Tank top
  28. Tank top
  29. Hair bows
  30. Leg warmers/Tights (these are shared – have maybe 8-10 total. Will be revisiting these again after the warm weather is here to stay to donate what hasn’t been worn.)

I feel like there are more than enough things here. Covering 2 seasons like this means that as it gets warmer, some stuff will drop out of use (winter coat, long jeans, long-sleeved shirts, etc.) and others will finally get some use (tank tops, swimsuits, shorts, etc.). Some can go together – I often layer a t-shirt over a long-sleeved onesie on Sweetie when it’s colder, for example.

This was actually very liberating.  We share kids’ clothes with about 4 families in my extended family (kids aged 1-7), so there have been times that the girls could wear a different outfit every day for 3 months and never wear the same item twice.  Paring down to the essentials cleared up the closet and when I had to dive into The Boxes for summer items, I really was looking for basic items that could go with other things we already had.

Do you notice anything that I may have missed?



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2 responses to “Project 333: Toddler-Style Revisited

  1. Q

    Thank you for this list, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been doing Project 333 myself and started wondering if I could do it with my two little boys (I have a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 month old). Nice to see you’ve had success with your daughters. Though my children don’t have any skirts and dresses, this is a great starting point to help me whittle down their wardrobes. 🙂

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