Simple Low-Sodium Diet

Well, it has happened. Both DH and I have been told to adapt a low-sodium diet, or be put on medication for high blood pressure.  I’m only 33 and he’s only 27! How did that happen? Yeah, we’re overweight. But I guess you never really think you’re old enough to need medication.

So, I am now researching low-sodium diets. Am I the only one who didn’t know that baking soda and baking powder were also high in sodium? And my beloved cottage cheese… *sob*  We already cook a lot of our own meals, but not completely from scratch.  And I have a fear of eating out now, that I won’t be able to follow this new lifestyle at restaurants or at other people’s houses.

I need to find a simple, streamlined way of doing this.  And still manage to keep my family fed.  Do any of you have this same issue? Leave a comment and give me some advice!


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