Balancing Church & Home

My family has decided to find a new church to attend. There are some issues with our current place of worship. Right now, the feelings of distrust and betrayal towards leadership are clouding what should be a blessed experience during worship. And for us, the better choice is to find a new church home.

While I know that not all of my readers are Christian, you may have this same issue with your place of worship as well, the incessant feeling that you must be a part of every single thing that is going on.

At our current place, we are deeply entrenched in various ministries (from childrens’ to music to technology and more) that it has come to the point where we spend a few nights a week, plus many times the entire weekend, at activities at the church.  When I struggle with getting laundry finished or the house picked up, my mind always responds with “If we were just home a few nights a week that might help.”

So, I venture into a new community with a sense of freedom (Yes! No more teaching Sunday School!) and a sense of trepidation (But don’t we need to be involved to meet people?).  I want to find that delicate balance of participation and family home life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to admit that you do not necessarily need to be in a formal church building to experience God or to worship him.  There are some who would argue that now would be the time to just stop entirely; enjoy our time alone.  But there have been times in our married life where having that church family has helped us through some difficult times. And it is nice to know that you can ask for help in whatever form it is that you need it.

But back to the balance.

My first thoughts were what are we wanting from the church? And what kind of a time commitment are we willing to give to the church? And what about volunteering?

What do we want from a church?

  • A sense of family
  • Good children & family programming/small groups
  • A contemporary worship service

What time commitment do we want to give to the church (outside of activities at home – i.e. self bible study & prayer time, helping children with prayers, etc.)?

  • A weekly *contemporary* worship service – 1 hour/week
  • Sunday School for the kids – 1 hour/week
  • Small Group – 2-3 hour/month
And what activities would we be willing to volunteer for?
  • At this point, I do not want to volunteer for anything. I want to see how cutting back to the basics works for us first. At this stage of our life, that may be all we can manage.
Now the search is on to find a church home that will meet our needs. We are not confined to any one denomination, so that opens quite a few doors.
How do you find a balance with this area of your life? Or maybe a similar area where volunteering/participation seems to just take over?

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  1. laura

    I have been a member of several churches over the years and eventually there was power struggles, along with gossip, distrust, cliques, etc. I attend morning service on occasion and won’t join anything again. This includes civic clubs, groups. Lack of appreciation for things done is common, people complaining no matter what others try to do, bickering over minor things, not showing gratitude, and others telling you what to do. I get most “church” online now with preaching, Bible study and reading. As a retiree I keep to myself for the most part as it’s hard to trust people. I am not a “group type” person. I have run into others who have given up on joining anything for same reasons.

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