Memorial Day Plans

Here it is, coming on Memorial Day Weekend, and my vow to get the junk out is not completely finished.  We have cleared out quite a bit from our main living area, but it is currently stacked in our garage.  We have decided to hold a joint garage sale with a friend, and then what is left will be either sold on CraigsList (if we think it may sell there) or donated to the local thrift store.

But even getting it out of our main living area has resulted in some things that are just simply wonderful.

  • Simpler kids’ wardrobes
  • Contained and limited toys
  • Empty kitchen counters
  • Empty living room space – easier for the kids to play!
  • Empty stairway – does anyone else use theirs as a spot for “things that go upstairs”, yet they never quite made it up the stairs?
  • And a Master List of large furniture pieces that will be moved out
We are no where near finished and now I understand when other people have said they thought it would take a few weeks and find themselves now years later still decluttering.  It really is a never-ending process.  But even just this short period of time, I’ve learned a few things:
  • In regards to toys, better quality is better than quantity.
  • I need to buy an e-reader (and we are slowly saving for one), because we have way too many books that I am not willing to part with yet. I have my “these must go with me as hard copy in case I am stuck on a deserted island” few, but I still like having the others (you know, just in case I want to re-read the Twilight series again) around. An e-reader will solve that problem!
  • If I have not used an appliance, tool, whatever that we received as a wedding gift 6 years ago, there is little-to-no chance that I will ever use it.
  • Fewer clothes = Easier to keep up on laundry
  • For scrapbookers, the scanner is your friend!
  • That while we never use our desktop computer (seriously! Both my husband and I almost exclusively use our laptop), my husband is just not quite ready to let it go. And I need to be okay with that.
And so I continue on this path, hauling my family along for the ride. We are planning a multi-state move within the next year or two (or sooner!) and the less we have, the better!
Our next challenge is a No-Spending Challenge we are taking on for the month of June. We have decided that only essential spending will be allowed, which includes: gas (ugh! We’re paying over $4.50/gallon!), regular bills (mortgage, utilities, etc.), minimal groceries (dairy, eggs, fresh fruit, leafy greens + regular meat order from local organic farm – lasts us 3 months!).  Plan is to augment our savings, reduce some debt, and get some ground under us before July brings the dreaded salary cut.  Step One: spend the weekend planting a few vegetables in a container garden.

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