Seizing the Summer

As Summer keeps running past, I look and realize that it has been a MONTH since I posted last! Oh, my goodness. I am not sure where that time has gone honestly.  We have been working and worrying and playing and just having fun. In other words, making memories.   And in that, my writing has gone to the side for these few weeks.  I am sure that you will not begrudge me that.

A good friend of mine posted recently about things she wanted to do to Seize the Summer. And the items she listed off just rang in my heart. For each was something that would create a memory for her and her husband, as well as any friends and family involved. They would lay the foundation for summer traditions to come.

So, I have my own list of memories I want to make this summer.

  • Have the children spend quality time with their out-of-state grandparents (scheduled for a week in August!)
  • Visit the Aquarium (August)
  • Visit the Museum of Science & Industry (August)
  • Take a bike ride with our new bike trailer
  • Take evening walks
  • Work in the (little) backyard
  • Roast some marshmallows
  • Go to a drive-in movie and bring a picnic dinner
I will probably think of more, but that’s what I want to do before the summer is officially over.
What are some of your must-have summer traditions?

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