Am I the only one who seems to collect cookbooks? Goodness knows, it’s not intentional. But as I work through my books and kitchen supplies, I realize I have a TON of cookbooks. And I only like probably 10% of the recipes in most of them (and only half of those are healthy!).   Of course, those 10% I can’t find when I want to make something.

Enter ZipList

I discovered this AWESOME little site a few weeks ago and I just have to share it with all of you. It’s called ZipList and is a site for organizing ALL of those recipes you have in books, on little cards, on printouts, or even bookmarked online.  Check out their virtual tour for how it all works.

I’m so jazzed to get what recipes I like up on this site and then get rid of those space-hogging books.    And unclog my web browser bookmarks! I just installed a little button on my toolbar and now if I see a recipe I like – click! And it’s saved to my online Recipe Box in ZipList. Found that recipe card with Grandma’s apple pie? I can add it easily. I can even add the ingredients to my shopping list with another click.

The last two weeks, I’ve used this to help create a meal plan and OMG! So simple. And I actually was able to stick to the plan.

I’m in the market for a smartphone (I need a brain that won’t fail) and will probably get one next week. And ZipList has a mobile app that has all of your recipes, shopping lists right in your hand. And it will scan UPC codes so you always have EXACTLY what you want on your shopping list (big time saver for those who send their significant others or their children shopping!).  And apparently, although I haven’t used this yet, the site is “smart enough” that after several run throughs, it knows what you purchase on a regular basis and will start matching printable coupons for you!

The only negative is that there aren’t any categories yet (Dessert, Appetizer, etc.), but when I asked on ZipList’s Facebook page they said they were working on it. Yay!

I’m still playing with the site, so I’m sure there are a ton of other features that I have yet to discover. But please, go check this out! You can eliminate the paper cookbooks in your life with this site. And I want to say that this post is not sponsored, the links are not affiliate links, and ZipList in no way knows that I’m writing this. I just thought the site was awesome enough that I wanted to share it with EVERYONE (my family is starting to look at me funny when I exclaim about it).

Go check it out!


This week’s update on Lose to Win: Healthy for the Holidays

(Banner above is courtesy of Kendra at Key Lime Digital Designs – a WAHM of a super-cute little girl. She offers design services, blog design tutorials, and even free printables. Be sure to check her site out. Thank you, Kendra! )

I am down 7.6 lbs – or 3.34%.

This week wasn’t so bad. The weekend was sketchy with feeling like I ate more than I had allotted. And a few mornings it was REALLY hard to get up and workout. But overall, I feel pretty proud of my week.

How are the other girls doing?

  • Rachel – down 0.9%
  • Kristen – down 1.4%
  • Sara – up 0.8%
  • Jessica – a new friend who joined us mid-week – just starting!

And it’s been fun for us to  get together “virtually” and discuss issues we are having, or sharing tips.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve got recipes scattered in a dozen places around my house and on my computer. Scrawled on scrap paper, cue cards and spaghetti-stained sheets. Definitely could benefit from more organization!

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