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HUGE Simplify Your Life Sale!

I wanted to let everyone know about this great deal I just happened on:

Over at Simple Marriage (great site on eliminating the excess, so you can concentrate on your marriage – check it out!) they are offering a HUGE bundle of ebooks all about simplifying nearly every area of your life.

Includes 30 books by some of the web’s best bloggers, including minimalist icons like Joshua Becker, Leo Babauta, and Tammy Strobel, and more.  Subjects covered include: Minimalism, Cooking, Green Living, Marriage, Money, Organizing, Parenting, Personal Development, Traveling, and even a couple on the Holidays.  If you had bought each of these at their full retail value, you would have spent over $450!  But Simple Marriage is offering them for the great price of $47 – but only until 2pm EST on March 25th, 2011!

There are some titles here that I’ve been wanting to get, so gander on over and check them out, too.  Awesome value.

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Back to your regularly scheduled program…. 🙂



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Family-Sized Minimalism – new ebook

This is the book I wish had been written when I was younger. This is the message I wish I had heard – telling me there was a different way to live beyond the pursuit of possessions.  ~Faith Janes, Family-Sized Minimalism, p9.

That sentence communicates exactly how I feel about this new lifestyle I have discovered: Why didn’t someone tell me about this before?

Maybe you are just discovering a simple way to live? Or maybe you been practicing a minimalist lifestyle for awhile now? Maybe you’re watching a loved one give/sell/throw away the majority of their possessions and are worried they’re losing their mind.  Or Are you overwhelmed with toys, craft items, or just one too many pairs of socks?

Wherever you are, whatever stage of life you are in, Family-Sized Minimalism is the book for you.

Faith Janes has such a refreshing way of addressing that which clutters up our life. Her new book guides you through the process – starting with that overstuffed underwear and sock drawer, right down to overcoming obstacles and stumbling blocks you encounter along the way.

What about convincing your significant other or another family member why you are doing this? Yup, it’s right there on page 83.

Oh, you say you have kids and there is just no way to escape the stuff that accompanies them? Check out page 69-77. Everything from their wardrobe to toys to teaching them the minimalist lifestyle.

Maybe you have cleaned everything out of your house, but you are still struggling with your overcommited schedule? Yup, she covers that, too.

And if you are in search of inspiration and encouragement, 12 additional minimalist families chime in with their advice, suggestions, and experiences.

Faith is also offering an upgraded edition that includes 14 bonus worksheets and planning guides. These extras include how to set goals, step-by-step meal planning, as well as questionnaires that guide you through the process of discovering what is most important to you. As she states in the book:

Once you sit down and decide what your priorities are, it makes it so much easier to decide what needs to be taken away.

Faith lays out a specific roadmap in a non-extreme, non-pushy way, telling you that if what you want is freedom to be with your family, to travel, to do whatever it is that is important to you – here’s how you do it. This book really is for everyone and is one that I will be returning to again and again as I walk down this road. I encourage you to go check it out.

Before you leave, be sure to check out more of My Favorite Things. 🙂

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The Minimalist Within: A Review

As I begin this journey into minimalism, bringing my family along, I have discovered a great blog that is right in line with my life: Minimalist at Home written by a sweet woman, Faith. The mother of 3 who is living with not only her husband and kids, but her parents and siblings and grandmother! Three households under one roof – wow!  AND she homeschools. God bless you. 🙂

She recently came out with her first e-book:  The Minimalist Within.  A great thing about this book is that it is not really a how-to book. She even states that in the beginning with an entire section on what this book is not. But what the book is about includes:

  • A guidebook to help you get started on a journey toward minimalism.
  • A conversation starter to introduce minimalism to people.
  • A tool to determine your personal “why” for minimalism.
  • A reminder of the reasons we pursue less in order to discover more.
  • A method for learning to ask the right questions.

Right now I’m just at the beginning. And I’m not sure where to start or even how. But figuring out the “why” helps me determine my priorities when addressing the little things, like how many reusable bags do I REALLY need? 🙂

Faith’s definition of Minimalism:

Minimalism is simply a tangible way of prioritizing your life. Minimalism is available for everyone.  It’s not a concept to be afraid of or something for only a select few.  Some would refer to minimalism as a social movement while others define it as a lifestyle choice. While it means different things to different people, most would agree that minimalism is purposely focusing on the things that matter and letting go of the rest.

This is actually so comforting. Because the point I am at in my life is very different from many others following a minimalist lifestyle. I have 2 small children, a husband, a family, and commitments that I am not quite ready to let go of. I wish I had discovered this lifestyle 10-15 years ago- the things I wanted to do then that I feel I cannot right now… Of course, this view may change as I discover I CAN do those things with 2 kids in tow. But right now, that’s the point I am at. I can’t pack everything into my trusty backpack and leave for Haiti tomorrow to do mission work. No matter how much I want to.

But I can have a simple, balanced life.

Faith continues to outline how to define your priorities in a simple, easy manner. She also follows the mantra I’ve heard many times: “You can’t organize clutter.”

But the section that was especially helpful to me was her writings on Sentimental Clutter. The stuff that is always followed by one of these sentences:

“I have to keep this because [insert random person’s name] gave it to me as a gift.”

“But I’ve had it forever.”

“I might need it someday.”

“It might be worth a lot of money.”

If you are anything like me, you have mumbled one or more of these sentences any time you are sorting through stuff to give away or sell.  Faith asks some very hard, honest questions in response to each of these that have helped me see many of my “precious” items in a different light.

Her final thoughts include those about having more time when you have less stuff. When I first heard about this lifestyle, I was a bit skeptical of this. But I am discovering more and more that it is true.

If we get rid of that pile of cars and naked Barbies, then we spend less time picking up toys, and as a result, we end up having that extra time to take our kids to the park.

This was the light bulb moment. The Holy Grail. The goal of all of this: more time with my family and following my heart’s desire.

For anyone just starting their journey, or for those who are wanting to refocus, Faith’s book is a wonderful, informative read.  And the best part? It’s FREE!

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