Another Year

I made a vow when I started this blog that I was NOT doing it as something to clutter up my life further.  So, as you may have noticed, weeks may go by where I do not post.  For me and this time period in my life, this is ok.   This blog is a place to leave resources, write about challenges and progress, and most importantly to encourage others to free their lives of any extraneous crap they may find in it. That stuff could be physical, or it could be mental.  And for me, the last few months of the year are always filled with a lot of mental baggage that I do not have room for another project or task. I hope you will forgive me.

Update on our weight loss challenge: I won!  But only because I kept at it, never stopped, and ultimately lost 19 inches overall (but less than 10 lbs). We are working now on a 2nd challenge that will end June 30th. And this time I am concentrating on changing my diet and continuing the exercise routine I have established. Baby steps.

Update on my home and the minimalizing: it’s neverending. Just when I feel I have a room done, or an area under control, new junk moves in. It is an uphill battle that I fight every day.

To anyone newly discovering this blog, welcome! Flit around, see what you like, and enjoy yourself. Got any tips to share?


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