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Project 333: New Season

It’s that time of year again. And while I’m actually excited for it – and just itching to get to my husband’s side of the closet, which I won’t – I’m also not looking forward to the extra time involved. The planning bit seems to take the longest.

Using again the guidelines for Project 333, but tailored to my kids, here’s the list for them for the Fall/Winter:

  1. Winter Coat
  2. Fall Coat
  3. Winter Hat & Gloves*
  4. Snow Pants
  5. Snow Boots*
  6. Shoes – casual
  7. Shoes – dress*
  8. Jeans/Bibs
  9. Jeans/Bibs
  10. Leggings-pants (you know what I mean)
  11. Leggings-pants
  12. Skirt
  13. Skirt
  14. Socks (7 pairs each)
  15. Dress – Nice
  16. Dress – Casual
  17. Dress – Casual
  18. Long-sleeved shirt – “design”
  19. Long-sleeved shirt – “design”
  20. Long-sleeved shirt – “design”
  21. Long-sleeved shirt for layering*
  22. Long-sleeved shirt for layering*
  23. T-shirt
  24. T-shirt
  25. T-shirt
  26. Sweater
  27. Sweatshirt
  28. Leg warmers/Tights (Will be culling some of these. Just don’t wear the baby legs as much as we did).
  29. Hair bows (Will be culling some of these as well)
I’m looking at this list and thinking that this is still way too much stuff. AND rule-wise, I still have some spots left to fill.  The * denotes items that I know I need to pick up for either 1 or both girls.  I’m having a really hard time finding PLAIN long-sleeved shirts to use for layering. Everything has a design of some kind.
And My List:
  1. Winter Coat
  2. Winter Hat & Gloves
  3. Fall Coat
  4. Snow Boots*
  5. Shoes – Casual
  6. Shoes – Work
  7. Shoes – Dress
  8. Boots – Dress*
  9. Socks/Pantyhose/Tights* (I know. I lumped these together. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that I have a hard enough time finding the MATE to the single sock that comes out of the laundry…)
  10. Jeans
  11. Jeans
  12. Dress Pants*
  13. Dress – Casual
  14. Dress – Work
  15. Dress – Nice
  16. Skirt – Casual*
  17. Skirt –  Work*
  18. Shirt – Work
  19. Shirt – Work
  20. Shirt – Work
  21. Shirt – Work
  22. Shirt – Work
  23. Shirt – Casual
  24. Shirt – Casual
  25. Blazer/Jacket – Work
  26. Blazer/Jacket – Casual
  27. Watch (I know! Most people use their phone. But I like my watch. Needs a new band & battery*)
  28. Necklace
  29. Necklace
  30. Necklace
  31. Necklace
  32. Bracelet
  33. Fashion-y Scarf
Wow! That took longer to put together than I had anticipated. I know what I WANT to have now, so need to dive into the closet and make the choices. Clothes-wise it shouldn’t be too bad, because I’ve never been one to hang on to stuff. But to make sure that my shoes and outerwear are  in check took some thought. There are a couple of pieces (*) that I realize I need to pick up, too, for ME.
If you want to read more on paring down your wardrobe, check out these blogs:
Project 333 – the original
Project 36/365 – “A New Fashion Project inspired by Project 333”
Miss Minimalist (she actually writes about more than just minimalist wardrobes. This link is to the wardrobe category, but please – enjoy the rest of her blog! I do!)
One Dress Protest – One woman exploring what fashion means to her by wearing the same dress every day for a year.
What’s your challenge for the new wardrobe season?

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Project 333: Toddler-Style Revisited

A few months ago I embarked on paring my kids’ wardrobes down to the minimum. And while I did get that done, I did not take a full inventory, nor take any pictures – so I apologize!

Now, here it is 2 months later and while I still have not taken any pictures, I can give you an idea of what I have put together for them. Again, Honey is 2 1/2 and Sweetie is 1. The list is the same for both of them, with just a few notations.

I followed the guidelines from Project 333 just to get me started, and I actually still have a few slots to fill for each of them – so I am hoping I am not missing anything!

Things I did not count: Diapers, Pajamas, or Bibs. These loosely corresponded with an adult’s exceptions of Underwear, Pajamas and Loungewear.   We use cloth diapers and have a stash of approximately 30-50 that both of them use (Honey is transitioning to potty-training, but we still aren’t there yet. Once she is, I will box up some of these for storage). Pajamas we own about 7 sets total, between the 2 girls – both warm & cold weather.  And Bibs are shared also – with about 12-15. Will be going through those next to get rid of what we really don’t need.

For each of them, I have:

  1. Winter Coat
  2. Winter Hat & Gloves
  3. Spring Jacket
  4. Swimsuit
  5. Sun Hat
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Shoes – casual
  8. Sandals (*need to buy for both girls*)
  9. Jeans/Bibs (Sweetie has a pair of denim bibs that I love!)
  10. Jeans/Bibs
  11. Skirt
  12. Skirt
  13. Socks (7 pairs each)
  14. Dress – Nice (just purchased by great-grandma for Easter. Otherwise, this wasn’t a priority for me!)
  15. Dress –  Casual
  16. Sundress
  17. Long-sleeved onesie (Sweetie)/Long-sleeved Shirt
  18. Long-sleeved shirt
  19. Long-sleeved shirt
  20. T-shirt/short-sleeved onesie (Sweetie)
  21. T-shirt
  22. T-shirt
  23. Sweater
  24. Shorts
  25. Shorts
  26. Tank top
  27. Tank top
  28. Tank top
  29. Hair bows
  30. Leg warmers/Tights (these are shared – have maybe 8-10 total. Will be revisiting these again after the warm weather is here to stay to donate what hasn’t been worn.)

I feel like there are more than enough things here. Covering 2 seasons like this means that as it gets warmer, some stuff will drop out of use (winter coat, long jeans, long-sleeved shirts, etc.) and others will finally get some use (tank tops, swimsuits, shorts, etc.). Some can go together – I often layer a t-shirt over a long-sleeved onesie on Sweetie when it’s colder, for example.

This was actually very liberating.  We share kids’ clothes with about 4 families in my extended family (kids aged 1-7), so there have been times that the girls could wear a different outfit every day for 3 months and never wear the same item twice.  Paring down to the essentials cleared up the closet and when I had to dive into The Boxes for summer items, I really was looking for basic items that could go with other things we already had.

Do you notice anything that I may have missed?


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Birthday Presents

My 2nd child turned 1 this last weekend. This was a big deal.  There was a party. There was cake and ice cream. And as expected, there were presents.

But with Christmas only having just happened, I was worried about the incoming presents. So, this year I tried something different.

I asked for no presents for my little girl.

I know: shocker. But remember, she’s 1. She really didn’t care. I could have given her a box and she would have been happy.

But I knew that there would be grandparents who were a little put-out about not being able to buy Sweetie something for her to open. So, I came up with a couple of items that she could use between now and next Christmas – things she may grow into.  And these were given ONLY to the grandparents.

But I realized, the rest of the party guests would probably want to buy SOMETHING (since that is how our society is programmed), so this was my solution:

Our evite included these words:

We have been so blessed this year and want to bless someone else.  In lieu of gifts, we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys to donate to Children’s Memorial Hospital in <our town>.This is a wish list of toys they are wanting and can be for any age. (hyperlink)

Don’t worry. Sweetie will have a few items to open! If you feel you still want to give her a gift, we would like to ask for gift cards to BabiesRUs or Target or Visa gift cards to help with any future, unforeseen, needs.

At another age, this may not work. (I’ll be trying something similar, though, with my older daughter at her birthday in the fall) But for a 1-year old, she had something from the grandparents to open. And we have no further clutter in our house. And what toys did come in; equal amount will go out.

We ended up with an AWESOME wagon that both girls will be able to use for walks, trips to the zoo or whatever, and a few smaller items. But all things that will be used! And a huge box of toys to donate.  Was a great day!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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Project 333: Toddler-Style

The blog world, especially blogs about minimalism, have been abuzz recently about Project 333: Experiments in living with less. This project is especially for those who are trying to reduce their possessions.  Clothing is such a source of clutter in everyone’s home.

I have never considered this as a huge problem for myself, however.  My husband used to make fun of me, because I have been known to only own enough clothing for a week. That included everything: underwear, socks, shirts. Everything. If I didn’t do laundry one week, I was wearing dirty clothes. Period.  And I had one nice outfit, usually a dress.

It astonished me how much clothing my husband owned when I first started doing his laundry. Did he really need all of these items? (Before any of you start, I do not declutter his possessions. He’s on his own. Less fights that way.) But just adding his laundry to mine created nearly 2 additional loads of laundry per week! And then when we added children…. *sigh*

So, while my own clothing and accessories easily fall within the guidelines of the Project 333 (33 items for 3 months, then switch it out), I’m thinking this might be a great way to declutter my children’s clothing and accessories. They are at the age that they change sizes about every 3 months anyway. Especially Sweetie, the youngest. And we happen to be at a “switch-point”, so to speak, right now, so this is the perfect time.

But what exactly do you put into the “rotation” exactly for such young children? These are children that can sometimes go through 2 outfits a day (and that’s being conservative. Luckily, we use cloth diapers with both and the amount of wardrobe changes due to diaper malfunctions is small). Plus, how do those diapers and bibs and burp cloths, etc. all fit into the equation?

So, I’m looking at the guidelines set out in the Project, to see how to maybe tweak this for a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old.  The Basics include: “33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes.”  Ok, well jewelry is out, because they don’t wear any.

What does not count: “wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)”.  Hmmm… how could that translate? Again, no jewelry.

  • Underwear=Diapers.
  • Sleepwear=Sleepwear
  • Lounge wear/Workout clothing=? Maybe I will include bibs & burp cloths as that “category”.

And now I want to consider the seasons we will be in these 3 months: mid-February until mid-May.  I live in the Midwest, so while we may have warm days into May, nothing in the high temperatures. So, mostly warm clothing, with a few lighter pieces then.

Click here for Part Two

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